What The Press is Saying...

It was evident that conductor Nancia DAlimonte communicated the sense of the music clearly. Her beat outlines phrases, anticipates the character of attacks and the difference between urgency and repose.
She does this beautifully."

— Article from The Washington Post




Nancia DAlimonte

"It was a joyful experience to play under her baton. Nancia DAlimonte is one of the most impressive talents I have had the pleasure of working with. She is deeply musical, she cares about the soloist and every member of the ensemble, and most importantly, conducts with elegance, strong sense of style, and intensity."

— Berta Rojas, International guitarist



"One of the most impressive talents I've had the pleasure of working with, Dr. DAlimonte is a true musician. Her artistry is genuine, honest, selfless. Her command of conducting techniques, as well as her rapport with the orchestra and the audiences is impressive. It was such a joyful experience to play under her baton: I soared freely on the wings of music; she reverntly took care of the rest."

— Dr. Myriam Avalos, Concert Pianist and Chamber Musician, Music Pedagogue, Piano Clinician



"You are the Bernstein of our time, your presentations and your passion are infectious!"

— Margaret Ochocinska, violinist


Just as extraordinary as the concerts are, there are also some extraordinary people in the audience. This comment is from a man who was the Music Director of the military bands in Moscow, Russia, and he was a pupil of Shostakovich (he is 89 years old). "I've seen many, many conductors in my life and you, you are among the best! Your passion, your conducting, your hands… so musical, so formidable!"

— Joseph Mahntuk, former student of Shostakovich

What The Audience is Saying...

"I drove an hour to see your orchestra play, and if I were able to walk, I would have; I know people here who drove two hours to hear your orchestra."


"The way you tell the story, it's as if you were there… walking with Beethoven in the woods, being AT that concert in Vienna when the heating system malfunctioned, you HEARD Disney and Stokowski chatting at that restaurant... it was all wonderful!"


"Lenny Bernstein would have been proud of that Adagio (Barber)... what an incredible job... and the intonation, it was spot on... just terrific!"


From a seven-year-old, "This was my first orchestra concert and I really liked it... but I was scared when the loud note was played (Haydn, Surprise Symphony) but I want to come back!"


"I used to go to concerts at Carnegie Hall when Toscanini was conducting… and you are the reincarnation of him!  Just marvelous music and you are so elegant with your hands.  Thank you for a memorable evening."